London – Purple City

Purple again? Yes, I don’t know why there is always a purple film in my bag. This time I used it with LC-Wide during May. I think I was able to use the camera in the only three sunny days we’ve had in May, lucky me! I asked my local lab to scan the negatives instead of producing prints, as I normally do.

During this month I went to the Norfolk seaside once and to London once. In the seaside was so cold and I had my hands occupied with the dog lead, as a result I only took two photos, London was warmer and I didn’t take the dog so I shot more often.

Big Ben is best admired from a distance, Westminster was busy and there were long queues to get in, there was an eastern European with an accordion and a cocker on each corner (is it a franchisee? are cocker the cutest dogs?), lots of people everywhere and lots of Spanish talk :), I felt like a Spanish sheep. I stopped in front of a gate with a crowd and asked a lady what was going on there and she said ‘ I don’t know I stopped here because there were people here’, then I felt like an idiot sheep. Selfies, selfies on a stick, people walking while looking a the phone at the end of the stick (!), girls pouting a their phones,  go pro cameras, who is going to digest all that? Tube to Covent Garden with less tourist looking people and then tube to Camden, the land of Amy Winehouse. I didn’t like Camden this time -it has only been 20 years since last time.

In the end, I just got fed up of so many people.

I shot randomly because with the LC-Wide is so easy to do so. I tried to get as close as possible and I had a few heads turning to see where the anachronic click sound came from. I don’t think they could figure it out.




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