Retratos de Niños

Acabo de descubrir como se escribe la la letra Ñ en mi teclado inglés! Desde hace más de dos meses mi movilidad está muy reducida. Tengo problemas con mi tendón de aquiles. Me duele  cuando ando y lo de correr ya ni te cuento, así que lo único que tengo a mano para fotografiar son…

Dobles Accidentales con LC-Wide

Puede que mi LC-W esté rota o puede que yo no haya enganchado bien la película al poner un nuevo carrete. Lo bueno es que puedes hacer fotos y fotos y nunca se acaba. El resultado son una fotos muy molonas de los ninos. Doble. Y en morado, y con un poco de sol.

London – Purple City

Purple again? Yes, I don’t know why there is always a purple film in my bag. This time I used it with LC-Wide during May. I think I was able to use the camera in the only three sunny days we’ve had in May, lucky me! I asked my local lab to scan the negatives…

Purple Village

The village is Bédar, in Almería, on the top of a hill. The camera is Canon A1 and the film is Lomochrome Purple.

A walk by the river and back

That day I went out with my Canon A1 and my LC-Wide, loaded with B&W Ilford HP5 400 and  agfa ct precisa slide film respectively. The Agfa came all black from the lab and I developed these recently. I used all Ilford chemicals. I used the times suggested in the instructions and tried to get…

The Pier and the Seagull

In Brighton. Visit to the grandparents. It is the first time in three years that I shoot a whole 36 frame roll of film without taking any photographs of T & P, shame on me. I think they were too cold to pose, and the light was the typical light of the depressing dark beginning…


Summer Nostalgia In Garrucha Port, Almeria, Spain. Learning new skills and watching the boats come back with their catch. Mr T decided he wanted to to fishing, so he got equipped and went where the fishermen are, the fishing port. Within 10 minutes people came to tell him that it was ilegal to fish there….


Dog walking in square format


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Symbol.” I left the country that feels home to me a long time ago. Now I am an outsider even when I am in ‘my country”. When I go back things that I didn’t use to appreciate or that used to take for granted have become special….


I don’t mind driving, if I can enjoy the journey. I don’t mind getting lost, if I have the time… But that was in my other life. Nowadays a few times each year I leave the UK and drive across France to get to the other side of Spain or I cross Spain to take…


Disclaimer: I am not religious. Just in case these images may lead to some people to think that we have something in common. These are just images for me. And we gave a donation for every single candle that was lit. Right, back to my post. I love how these pictures turned out, specially the…


I spent all weekend developing and scanning B&W films I had accumulated in the last few months. I had three types of film Ilford HP5+, Lomography Lady Grey and one Agfa Rollei Superpan. I used all Ilford chemicals for developing. I did three lots with the same liquids, the first one was 2 Lady Greys…