MMM16 – round up

Last month I sort of participated in MMM16. I didn’t share daily photos of my self made garments but I wore something I made 27 out of the 31 one days, not bad. I had plans to make a few more garments during May but that didn’t happen. In the end I washed practically all my clothes every week and went on repeat.

I would have liked to interact more with other participants of the MMM16, but most of it takes place on Instagram. However, I didn’t want to pollute my Instagram account with pictures of my badly made clothes. I really like the photos I put on my existing Instagram account.

Astoria, Scouts, Akita, Aster and the last Mesa were used every week, because they are the more wearable and comfortable.

I need to make more warmer clothes (sweatshirts & cardigans), functiolal non patterned shirts or blouses and some trousers.

I need to keep away from fabric with pretty or crazy patterns, keep away from synthetic.


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