The Last before one of the Canon A1

This camera is not among my camera collection anymore, it was stolen from my car back in December in Portsmouth, UK. I stopped in a paying carpark with security cameras to grab some food, for 40 minutes, before going on board a ferry to France, when a group of kids, because I am sure they…

Caperucita Roja

Un día tuve que fabricar un difraz de caperucita para un evento del colegio. Esto es lo que hice – o sea, que cosí la capita. Quería que fuera una foto muy misteriosa de una pobre niña perdida en el bosque, pero no había manera de que no se riera. Estas fotos no me disgustan,…

Dobles Accidentales con LC-Wide

Puede que mi LC-W esté rota o puede que yo no haya enganchado bien la película al poner un nuevo carrete. Lo bueno es que puedes hacer fotos y fotos y nunca se acaba. El resultado son una fotos muy molonas de los ninos. Doble. Y en morado, y con un poco de sol.

London – Purple City

Purple again? Yes, I don’t know why there is always a purple film in my bag. This time I used it with LC-Wide during May. I think I was able to use the camera in the only three sunny days we’ve had in May, lucky me! I asked my local lab to scan the negatives…

Double double

Why don’t I do more double exposures? I forget that I love them. I forget to remain in the same frame after the ‘click’, and then I rewind the film before I think about the double. The first one was taken with Canon A1 & Purple film from Lomography (white house) and the other three…

Diana F+ Prints & Mixed impressions

I got 10 prints back from the lab, I should have got 12 but never mind. They are a complete disaster but I don’t know why I like them. This camera chops heads off, doesn’t focus, moves when you press the shutter, it doesn’t perform in low light conditions, uses 120 mm film which is…

Black & White Fish Market

These  are from the batch of three roll that I developed on the first days of 2016. The photos were taken in Easter 15 though. I have published lots more pictures of the fish market in Garrucha here. I am happy with my developing despite using chemicals that have been opened a year before using…

A walk by the river and back

That day I went out with my Canon A1 and my LC-Wide, loaded with B&W Ilford HP5 400 and  agfa ct precisa slide film respectively. The Agfa came all black from the lab and I developed these recently. I used all Ilford chemicals. I used the times suggested in the instructions and tried to get…


I have been inspired by many hands photographs I have seen. I think this is a girl’s thing only, like dumb pictures of your feet, but maybe I am wrong. Do blokes take hands pictures too? Today, hands holding a feather, blackberries, fishing bait and a goldcrest.


Autumn Weekends Early morning activities in the woods. Monitoring birds during autumn migration. Or just weekend fun.


Summer Nostalgia In Garrucha Port, Almeria, Spain. Learning new skills and watching the boats come back with their catch. Mr T decided he wanted to to fishing, so he got equipped and went where the fishermen are, the fishing port. Within 10 minutes people came to tell him that it was ilegal to fish there….


Lomography Colour Negative 100 I don’t like this film. It ‘milks’ the perfect autumn light of the Sun. No wonder they gave it for free when I bought the lomochrome purple.