These are sad very sad days. We are in worst case scenario. I heard on the radio that politicians don’t usually call for a referendum unless they are certain that they are going to win it. Well, the EU referendum in the UK tells us the opposite, that the politicians they were wrong. Or was it that the UK politicians are so disconnected from the people that they don’t even know what the country they live in is like? London is different from the rest of the UK. Boris, Gove and Cameron are so rich and distanced from the normal people living in this country that they were not able to foresee this, I don’t even think they had a plan for it. The Brexits must feel very proud of themselves now. And shit scared.

When I started this post today at about 2pm 1.4 million people in the UK had signed a Government Petition to call for a second referendum, by the time I finished this post 2.6 signatures had been submitted. Many people will think that asking for a second round in the referendum is unfair. However I don’t think it is unfair, for the many reasons. It is so important and affects our lifes so much that they need to be sure of what and why the vote.

I don’t think many of the Brexit voters cared to be informed about the implications of exiting the EU. What I mean is that they din’t informed themselves beyond the Sun newspaper.

Voters over 60 overwhelmingly voted to exit.

75% of the 18-24 year olds are remain supporters and are the ones to be most affected by this decision.

If this was a medical study or scientific study, the difference wouldn’t have been significant.

The areas with people with the highest levels of education voted to remain. The areas with people with the lowest levels of education and in the poorest areas and with lowest levels of education voted to exit. This sounds fair, the neglected ones opted for a change. And it would be great if the changes were to benefit the member of society that need the most help. But what do they think it is going to happen now? Suddenly people in all these deprived areas are going to be better off? Are they going to find jobs? Are they going to be given better education? People are not going to keep having children and live on benefits? Will they stop eating themselves to death? The answer is NO. The y made the wrong choice. For now that have handed the government to the radical right.

Now their lives are going to get worse, even their benefits will get worse. And the jobs of the people who voted for remain are going to get worse. And they wont be able to support the angry unemployed brexiters. But don’t you worry we now have a hashtag to describe your feelings, #BREGRET.

The decisive issue in the referendum was MIGRATION, an instigated fear of migration that has nothing to do with the EU. The Brexiters benefited from the sorrow of the people of Syria and and other parts of the world. This was decided by the angry now-out-of-the-closet-racists who don’t like to hear other languages when they are waiting the bus. It has been decided by people who didn’t like to see the eastern European shops in their high streets, despite of being the only shops remaining in many run down towns along side with some decrepit -very British- charity shops.

The inhabitants of Little England. And uneducated bacwakrd looking mass. A bunch of haters who voted with their Great British heart without even understanding what they consequences would be.

But I don’t completely blame them, because the politicians should have been ahead of the game. They should have foreseen that worst case scenario may be happening. That the people don’t understand what they are voting for. And the consequences are bad. Not only because of leaving the EU. They have opened a can of worms now, they have brought racism. Now being a racist is a valid choice.  Being a racist and a hater is mainstream.

The Brexit campain lied about the money the UK sends to the EU and scaredmongered about mass migrations from the Middle East yes, but anyone quialified to vote should be able to realise that those were flawed arguments, you only needed a couple of Google searches.

Now I am angry because my children are British and a bunch of thugs in Little England have just limited their choices and have made Europe and the World for them a nastier place. Brexiters, you screwed up.


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  1. Krystal says:

    Very interesting and very heartfelt, however I’m not convinced the Remain/Brexit divide was as much class as it was outlook and culture, and although I feel there is some class element to that, I am hesitant to see it solely through that lens. The Fabian Society did an interesting piece on this –

  2. DianaX says:

    Dear Krystal. I really appreciate your comment and find the article very interesting. Yes ideals have a lot to do as well but ideals+age+education+wealth show a pattern. And one thing is whose political party you feel closer and another thing is leaving the door opened or closed for potential opportunities for the coming generations.
    If your aspirations in life are constrained to these islands and you wish to live in a more totalitarian society led by the rights, with all its implications for society, privatisation, welfare etc etc, then your best option is to leave.
    The problem is who benefits from leaving? the poorer? the old? the young? I don’t think so. And that is why I think they have been mislead by politicians trying to get more votes in the next elections.

  3. Irene says:

    Lo bueno y malo de la democracia es que TODO el pueblo puede votar, hasta los tontos. Si no, no sería justo :/ Yo también estoy que trino con las elecciones nacionales, si te sirve de consuelo

    1. DianaX says:

      Lo de las eleciones en Espana ha sido el colofón para un fin de semana funesto. Yo no puedo comprender como en Espana se asume y se aprueba la corrupción de los políticos – digo de los políticos y a todos los niveles desde local a nacional- y no de la gente corriente.
      Por las redes sociales he vuelto a leer gente que culpa a los mayores, el hecho de que espana tenga una población envejeciendo favorece al PP. En fin, yo no lo se. Lo que si sé es que dentro de 4 anos hay otras elecciones. pero lo del BREXIT. Aun no me lo creo.
      Simplemente es que no puede ser.
      Sea lo que sea aunque lo del BREXIT les salga bien, aquí a los extranjeros nos miran muy mal. Lo siento cuando hablo por teléfono con particulares, a mi companera del trabajo le han dicho hoy en la piscina pública “pero cómo es que aun estás aquí? pensé que ya te habrías ido”. Y ahora ser Xenofobo es normal, se acepta odiar al extranjero.
      Esa foto que he puesto en mi entrada la he visto en la entrada de una granja.
      En fin, espero que Europa se haga fuerte y que a los british les salga mal a ver si los Le Pens y compania pasan a la sombra.
      Dios mio cómo me enrollo ultimamente!

      1. Irene says:

        Mujer, es normal cuando le tocan a uno la moral. Yo también estoy que trino por las elecciones y bueno, solo quedar ver cómo saldrán las cosas porque otra no nos queda.

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