The Last before one of the Canon A1

This camera is not among my camera collection anymore, it was stolen from my car back in December in Portsmouth, UK. I stopped in a paying carpark with security cameras to grab some food, for 40 minutes, before going on board a ferry to France, when a group of kids, because I am sure they…


Summer Nostalgia In Garrucha Port, Almeria, Spain. Learning new skills and watching the boats come back with their catch. Mr T decided he wanted to to fishing, so he got equipped and went where the fishermen are, the fishing port. Within 10 minutes people came to tell him that it was ilegal to fish there….


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Symbol.” I left the country that feels home to me a long time ago. Now I am an outsider even when I am in ‘my country”. When I go back things that I didn’t use to appreciate or that used to take for granted have become special….


I understand that I may be putting lots of people of by being one of those mothers posting pictures of their children. But I am sure if those people had a muse like I have they would be taking photos of her all the time. ‘Mi Musa‘ is quite happy being photographed. Thanks you for…


I think Rollei Superpan 200 is probably too good for me. I don’t think I developed it correctly, probably overcooked in the developer. When I saw the negatives against the window light I thought it would be a complete disaster, it was almost all transparent! But then in the scanner (V550 photo) some magic happened…


I use an Epson Perfection V550 Photo scanner with professional settings which I don’t fully understand. I have noticed that sometimes ticking the ‘back light correction’ box improves the images, and sort of gives light to faces. On the top image I didn’t tick the back light correction and the bottom one has the correction….


This is a recent photograph taken on a cold sunny day of January with an amazing beech hedge as background, I asked them to pose before going to the hairdresser. Camera used was… you got!  it my Canon A1 with Agfa ct precisa, cross processed in my local lab.


Recent instant shot showing lack of teeth

Colour Testing of Canon A1

Si vuelvo a empezar entradas de blog con ‘ultimamente’ es que la cosa anda mal. Y sí, últimamente los días no tienen mucho brillo. Por eso quiero ensenaros algunos de mi éxitos fotográficos. Este es mi primer encuentro en color con mi nueva cámara, una antigua Canon A1 que el padre de un conocido iba…