Double double

Why don’t I do more double exposures? I forget that I love them. I forget to remain in the same frame after the ‘click’, and then I rewind the film before I think about the double. The first one was taken with Canon A1 & Purple film from Lomography (white house) and the other three…

Diana F+ Prints & Mixed impressions

I got 10 prints back from the lab, I should have got 12 but never mind. They are a complete disaster but I don’t know why I like them. This camera chops heads off, doesn’t focus, moves when you press the shutter, it doesn’t perform in low light conditions, uses 120 mm film which is…


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Half and Half.” This is in Lynford, Norfolk, UK, where I like to go and imagine I am in a Jane Austen’s novel. That day I used a pastic fantastic Diana F+ with a splitzer which splits the image in two or three or four etc.


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Symbol.” I left the country that feels home to me a long time ago. Now I am an outsider even when I am in ‘my country”. When I go back things that I didn’t use to appreciate or that used to take for granted have become special….

Lomographer for a year

During this month I will be celebrating that it has been a year since I discovered a camera with my name on it. I was reading some stuff about knitting when I came across these plastic cameras that take wacky pics and have my name stamped on it. Yes I had to buy one, and…