Havanna Blouse de Cali Faye

More pink.

This is my second non selfish sewing of the year.  Last night I continued using the same fabric I posted about yesterday. This is the second time for me using one of the Cali Faye Collections’s patterns. The other one can’t be shared yet because I need to redo it all.

This is a simple relaxed blouse, a bit oversized for the liking of the receiver but I think she will get around to liking it more when it is very hot -next summer. I’m determined to keep sewing season inappropriate pieces.

I think the patterns instructions could do with a more detail both in the drawings and and in the text. The button holes are just sewn over the two layers as the head opening is wide enough. The overlapping yokes on the back do need attention and are not an optional step as the patterns says. I just top stitched them.

PS: I also made an Hoya top from Deer and Doe with this fabric, here.

Pattern: Havanna Blouse for girls, Cai Faye Collection

Fabris: Swiss dot in pink


Más rosa.

Sigo usando la misma tela de ayer, y es la segunda costura altruista del año. Es una blusa amplia para niñas. El patrón queda un poco escaso en instrucciones, pero en general creo que queda mono y sera muy práctico para los meses de mucho calor. Espero que la modelo no crezca tanto.

La misma tela también la usé en un top de Deer and Doe.



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