Rumi pattern by Christine Haynes

I have made four Rumies this Summer, but I still want to have one of each colour. The Rumi pattern is asuper useful piece for any wardrobe.
The first I have made is one in a navy viscose that I bought in John Lewis (a big store) in Cambridge. On this ocasion I made the dress version but withouht the colour blocking. I love a navy blue tank dress, but I think I should have made it a bit shorter to lessen the weight of the viscose fabric.

Then I made a Rumi tank with the leftovers of Laguna Robert Kauffman knit that I bought from (paid a lot in taxes).


The third was a pink polka dot Rumi dress, only for wearing it at beach

And last I have made another one in a salmony peach viscose (whydidIbuythatcolour?). no photos of this I am afraid.

With the second one I mastered attaching the neck and arm bindings with a knit fabric, the trick? ironing, I had never ironed knit fabrics when sewing before, and I now realise it was a mistake.
I would recomend this pattern to anyone who hasn´t sown with knits before, the tank doesn´t need muuch fabric and it is quite quick to make (always a bonus).
I made them all with a regular sewing machine.
And last, I created a new instagram account to share my sewing (dianax35mm).

Thanks for the visit.

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