Grabrielle dress from Seamwork

I have sewn lots of clothes lately. In the summertime, if I wanted to, I could wear a me made everyday. I have managed to make one or two items a month in 2017.

I don’t post about them, mainly, because I don’t have decent photos. I don’t have anyone willing to take 50 shots of me and my clothes, and when I manage to get some photos done, I just hate the look of me.

It is very difficult to achieve something decent and I am not particularly happy of my current appearance.

The other reason for not posting is the time. Instead of writing a blog post I’d rather complete a garment or workout -because I need it and it makes my happy.

So today I am showing something I made a few months ago, It is a pattern I got from the Seamwork Magazine subscription I have, I think this was in the June issue.

I loved the white fabric with fruits they used for the article and models, I wish I could have found something similar, but Seamwork is American and I am in England.

The fabric I used is this bugs jersey that I bought in Minerva Crafts thinking I would make a Mesa dress with it. I love the fabric, but I think the green has faded substantially after a couple of washes.

The pattern:

Seamwork patterns are always very well explained. This time I opted for the alternative version they offer. I had to slightly modify the pattern pieces of the back because I don’t think a knot in the back is comfortable when you are sitting in the office and it makes a lump if you are wearing a cardigan.

I am very happy with the front of the dress, I love the shape of the skirt, the fitting of the bodice is perfect. However, I have to remark a few negatives regarding this pattern:

the sleeves are very cute but they creep up over my shoulders

the elastic that holds the back skirt pieces shags too much, which makes me re-asess my bra situation – thinking of having to buy a new bra bores me to death

I couldn’t make the back pieces sit flat on my back, maybe I should have gone for the original knotted version

I wish I had have time to make the other dress of the June issue but I have’t been able to find the right gin gam fabric.

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