Diana F+ Prints & Mixed impressions

I got 10 prints back from the lab, I should have got 12 but never mind.

They are a complete disaster but I don’t know why I like them. This camera chops heads off, doesn’t focus, moves when you press the shutter, it doesn’t perform in low light conditions, uses 120 mm film which is more expensive to develop and only has 12 frames, mmm. So why use it? Because there is something special when you look at them I suppose.

I am carrying my Diana in my bag all the time, it is very light, and I am snapping slowly.

I used slide film from Lomography and it was developed as C41, cross-processed.

Diana_Xpro_15_16003 Diana_Xpro_15_16005 Diana_Xpro_15_16006 Diana_Xpro_15_16007



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