Three Kings Cake (Roscón de Reyes)


This is the recipe of the Roscón de Reyes, a celebration cake eaten the day of the Three Kings who bring presents to all children during the Christmas period. This is a tradition in Spain and other countries and it marks the end of the Christmas holidays.

It is my pledge to put the Roscón in its deserved place, next or above other better known celebration enriched breads such and the ubiquitous panettone or the stollen. We, Spanish people, as great at not selling our products like others. Compared to the other cakes, panettone and stollen, the Roscón has a more subtle flavor, but if using orange water has a beautiful perfume hard to beat. It is the same type of enriched bread dough. I am using this recipe from La Cuchara Azul blog in Spanish (be sure to check this post as their explanations and photos are much better than mine), but another version of the same recipe can can also be found here, also in spanish.

I don’t have a Kitchen Aid or similar, all directions are for hand kneading.



90 gr strong white bread flour

50 gr milk

2 gr yeast (I used dried/powdered)

Perfumed milk:

Skin of 1/2 orange

skin of 1/2 lemon

1 cinnamon stick

125 gr milk


Starter, all of it

340 gr strong white bread flour

2 tsp orange blossom water (best quality you can afford)

3 tsp rum

120 gr milk (from perfumed milk)

2 eggs (up to 110 gr)

80 gr sugar

4 gr bread yeast (dry, powdered)

5gr salt

60 gr butter (at room temperature)


candied fruit

pearled sugar

flaked almonds

In advance: starter and perfumed milk



Prepare the starter. Dilute the yeast in tepid water, mix with the flour. Mix & knead for about 5 mins and let rest for at least 4 hours. I let it sit for about 1hr and then put it on the fridge overnight.


Perfumed milk:

Put the orange and lemon skins with the cinnamon and milk and simmer for at least 5 mins. Let rest. It can be refrigerated but don’t use cold from the fridge as it can be used to dissolve the yeast on next step.


The dough


Prepare the liquid ingredients: add the orange water and rum to the perfumed milk up to 125 gr. Dissolve the yeast in the 125 gr of liquid. Add the started cut in small pieces to the liquids, try to dissolve. Add liquids to flour, mix. Add beaten eggs. Mix & knead. It will be a difficult sticky dough. When well mixed, add the butter in small pieces. Knead lot. With a lot of stretch and folds with some rests in between. This is the tiresome part. Maybe about 1 hr. Hopefully at the end the dough is not so much a sticky monster. Put in a bowl, cover and rest over night.

Baking Day in the Morning:

Flatten the dough with your fingers and make a hole in the middle, when the hole is big enough, put an oiled bowl or big glass in the middle so it doesn’t collapse to its original shape. Oil the dough and cover with cling film. Let it raise.  My photo is taken 10 hours later


Baking Day, 8-12 hours later

Preheat oven at 190 C, use a baking stone if you have one.  Peel the cling film, paint with egg and sprinkle with pearled sugar, flaked almonds, and some candied fruit (I skipped this).

Bake 25-30 minutes. Let cool. Make some hot drinks and..

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