5k run challenge by WP

Alright, I said I’d join the WP 5k challenge on Sat 31 Oct, and I did go out in my running kit to the Parkrun in Brighton & Hove, together with my other half who hasn’t run in 6 months, my 8 year old son and my 6 year old daughter. I reminded both mi kids that it was not about winning, that they shouldn’t race, that their goal and their success would be to make it to the end. If they felt tired at any pint they should walk and then continue to run when they felt better.
So there we were amongst 500+ other runners from all ages. We could see ahead of us the 25 minute pacer. My son suggested we went towards the front of the crowd to start, but I said no, that it would be depressing to be overtaken by 400 people.
My daughter teamed up with her dad and I teamed up with my son who was running with me for the first time, and was in a running racing environment for the first time ever.
So we start and my son is trying to sneak between people trying to overtake, I was trying to shout quietly as mothers do in public ‘Slower!’ ‘Don’t overtake!’ so we were near the 28 minute pacer and I could feel daughter and dad being left behind. The crowd spread a bit so it was not so crammed, then I started to be able to hear my son steps, banging on the floor. I said you shouldn’t bang the floor. But he ignored me, obviously. Before 1 k there was a bit of an uphill and the 28 minute pacer moved away from us. I don’t know I I shouldn’t have told my son that 28 minute was my time but he chased after the 28 minute pacer and caught with him but he burnt himself at km 1 and then it was a struggle, he said he was in pain, that all was hurting and he couldn’t even walk run. Drama on the race. He could not move anymore.
In the end we run-walk to 3km and then waited for my daughter arrive escorted by her dad. Well done to my super-mega-champion 6 year old daughter who run 5k in 31 minutes!


The achievements of my daughter were not enough to calm my rage for not having done my run (despite having organised for all the family to have their codes and get on with their runs), so I was in full on grumpy mood for the rest of the morning. To make up for Saturday’s disaster I went for an 11k run on my own on Sunday.


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