I have been inspired by many hands photographs I have seen. I think this is a girl’s thing only, like dumb pictures of your feet, but maybe I am wrong. Do blokes take hands pictures too? Today, hands holding a feather, blackberries, fishing bait and a goldcrest.


Sep_15_LCN100_canon008Sep_15_LCN100_canon009Ago 15 A1 portra007 Oct_15_LCN800_canon031


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  1. Sonya says:

    I have to agree. This seems to be a girl-thing. I too, have many photos of hands holding charming things. I think the smaller the thing is, the better we can dwarf it with our hands, and the cuter it becomes. Lord knows I’m a sucker for cute shit.

    1. DianaX says:

      Haha and don’t forget those feet photos. Definitely girl thing. But what is the bloke’s equivalent?

      1. DianaX says:

        oh i have checked him and he likes hands a lot, i am following him now

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