The Cartel

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Today I finished The Cartel, by one of my favourite living authors at the moment, Don Winslow. Now I feel free to look up the book on the internet, see the interviews, find out who the characters were based on etc.

This is the sequel to the Power of the Dog, it follows the story of DEA agent Arturo Keller and drug lord Adán Barrera. The plot takes place in Mexico mostly, but drug trafficking also goes beyond the borders and seas, taking the characters to the otro lado, Guatemala, Spain and other places. If it was a film I don’t think I could bare to see the things I read about, but that only show how cynical we are as a society, as the atrocities depicted in the book are not just result of the imagination of Mr Don Winslow, those things actually happened.

Now that I have finished reading the book I learnt that for many years Winslow has been researching on the drug on wars over the border. Despite being very realistic he manages to show a very human face of almost all the characters (not the Zetas), so there is a very human plot underliying all the story.

I didn’t feel the book was a criticism to Mexico, which is nice, or the Mexican people, and I kind of feel that Don Winslow likes the country a lot.

I wished this book was written in Spanish and English. As the story was meant to be.

I am glad he won a Novela Negra RBA award in Spain.

There is going to be a film by this book and I think I won’t be very impressed about it.

Maybe there will be another Boon Daniels book coming up soon.

I leaving a ling to an interview with Mr Winslow, so you can see what such a guy he seems to be (ignore the interviewer).

This makes book 7 in my 2015 list


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