de Viaje

I am packing my bags, I hate packing, for my return journey from Norfolk to Almeria within 4 days.

Tomorrow at the crack of dawn ferry Portsmouth to Le Havre, arriving in France at 12pm, fingers cross it is not going to rain or coincide with a French holiday exodus and fingers cross I am going to make it to the border on Sunday night. On Monday I am dreaming of waking up in the Pyrenees but, based on previous experiences, that is very unlikely to happen.

On Monday we will have to drive Spain north to south and the temperatures are predicted to be near 40 in many parts.

I envisage a lot of fighting in the back seat as one of the tablets is lost and T and P will have to take turns with it.

Bad luck for the dog for the regulations to take pets to ‘the continent’ have changed in the last few months and I didn’t put the vaccinations on time. But good like to me because I don’t have to worry about where to stay the nights with dog; only have to drive 2000 km with two children and one tablet.

Needless to say that I will try to frame all the stops, but I wont post about the bull again.

On Wednesday night I leave the children with grandmother and fly back to England to work.

Jusqu’à la semaine prochaine!

This is my arsenal:


Update from the ferry to le havre: i left all the ###### cameras behind on the #### blue table where i put them to take the #### photo for this post. Drama

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