In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Symbol.”

I left the country that feels home to me a long time ago. Now I am an outsider even when I am in ‘my country”. When I go back things that I didn’t use to appreciate or that used to take for granted have become special. The Osborne Bull is an example (sorry folk, the bull again, yawn).

These bulls scattered on the landscape used to be advert boards for a known brand of sherry. When the prohibition of advertising near the roads came in place the bulls were kept without the advert because they had become part of the landscape. They were symbols of Spain whether I like it or not.

This photo was taken at a stop on the road, I always stop at this bar only so I can take photographs of or with the bull. The bull represents to me the open vast landscapes of Spain, the empty roads and the changing landscapes. My daughter was grumpy and didn’t want to pose and it was right in the middle of the day, when the sun is high you are not suppose to have a good light for photographs. I used a plastic camera and medium format B&W film and I think this is my favourite photo from last year. I love this photo and the memories of the hot summers in Spain.

This is also my one and only photo ever to be published anywhere. This somewhere is OPTIKO Zine. A paper publication dedicated to amateur film photographers.

PH and bull

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  1. lifelessons says:

    I see these large bulls frequently along the roads in Mexico, as well, and have always wondered what they are for or what they advertise. Thanks for solving a mystery!!!

    1. DianaX says:

      Glad to hear that somebody read my post and that I solved a mystery :), thanks @lifelessons

  2. DianaX says:

    Thank you for stopping desleyjane

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