I don’t mind driving, if I can enjoy the journey. I don’t mind getting lost, if I have the time…

But that was in my other life. Nowadays a few times each year I leave the UK and drive across France to get to the other side of Spain or I cross Spain to take the ferry and sail to the UK. The trip is long and expensive anyway you look at it. Going south the trips are more relaxed, with opportunities to stop and mess about, going north is a bit different, because we always like to stay south for as long as we can and because there is always a ferry or a tunnel to catch.

This photographs are taken in one of the usual stops on the north journey, where I have taken other photos shared here. I like to stop here because the is a Toro (bull). I dream one day I will go to see all the Toros in Spain, there are 91 one of them, according to Wikipedia.

In about 10 days I will do the journey south with children and dog. I need to plan a bit because travelling with dog (and children) will limit my options for accommodation.

Hope you like the photos.

CanonA1_purp_june_15020 CanonA1_purp_june_15021 CanonA1_purp_june_15022 CanonA1_purp_june_15023 CanonA1_purp_june_15024

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