Dark is the Night

I prefer to think that it is just a passing winter blues, and not me. The mood at the moment is dark, dark as dark is December in the dark east and dark as the night. Darkness is what I have, so I may as well try to use it…and I did, but only to find that it can only get better.

The inspiration I found in the bright sun, the sun in the photographs by Henry Wessel, my latest obsession after a visit to the Tate in London (lucky me!). I still know very little of his work, but there was something about his collection of ‘Incidents’ that I loved but I didn’t know why at the moment, a bit of googling revealed that it was the sun light, what else!

Bright bright bright.

Mr Wessel also walks at night and takes pictures in the neighborhood.

canon london5 canon london4

30 sec exposure, too much
30 sec exposure, too much
16 sec exposure
16 sec exposure
View from the Tate
View from the Tate

I used my Canon A1 loaded with lomography colour negative 400.


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