Autumn Feel Update

Beach flower from a beach
Beach flower from a beach

Is yarn a thing of Autumn? I don’t know, perhaps is the shorter days with more hours spent indoors, less light and less photographs. This Autumn I have gone back to my knitting needles, abandoned since I started sewing, taking film photographs and having a dog.

At the moment I am busy with a long term project, a beautiful cardigan from Knitbot, which I started with the spare yarn I had after completing the Citron 2 years ago.


Yesterday I received my copy of the One Sheepish Girl Crotchet book and I couldn’t resist to start interpreting a crotchet pattern, oh I tried to read all the instructions very carefully but still have lots to learn!! I had a go at the Granny Squares project but there is not enough information but a new-by like me. There is a ‘half leaning tower stitch’ which I searched in google but with no luck. So quickly flicked through the pages again and went for the camera case pattern. I wish I had some glowing green yarn at home to match my DianaF+ Glow camera! I decided to go for a yellow camera case instead.


Es la lana para el otono? No lo sé, a lo mejor es por los días cortos y por pasar más tiempo en casa, hay menos luz y no puedo hacer tantas fotos.
Ahora estoy atareada con un proyecto a largo plazo, una preciosa chaquetita de Knitbot, que empezé con la lana que me sobró del Citron hace ya dos anos.
Ayer me llegó por correo el libro de ganchillo de One Sheepish Girl, y no me pude resistir a intentar seguir alguno de los patrones, intenté hacer un patrón de cuadrados pero qué difícil! No entiendo nada, hay un “half leaning tower stich’ que no entiendo. Así que volví a ojear y el libro y me decidí por la funda de cámara. Habría preferido hacerla en verde fluorescente como mi DianaF+ pero va a tener que ser amarillo porque es lo que tenía en casa. Ni modo.

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