Colour Testing of Canon A1

Si vuelvo a empezar entradas de blog con ‘ultimamente’ es que la cosa anda mal. Y sí, últimamente los días no tienen mucho brillo. Por eso quiero ensenaros algunos de mi éxitos fotográficos.

Este es mi primer encuentro en color con mi nueva cámara, una antigua Canon A1 que el padre de un conocido iba a tirar porque estaba ‘obsoleta’. Me entere y le dije al conocido que yo tambien estaba obsoleta y que la camara cuanto más obsoleta mejor. La he utilizado con un rollo de película muy barato, lo más barato que pude encontrar en Amazon de hecho, pero de lo cual me arrepiento. Una obra maestra puede ocurrir en cualquier momento, ese rallito de luz, esa expresión, ese momento solo ocurren muy de vez en cuando y si luego le sumas los £5 que me cuesta el revelado…mejor llevar la camara con algo decente.

Quiero hacer una selección de fotos pero no se cual elegir, me dices cual te gusta más?

If I start posting by ‘lately’ is because things are not going well. And yes, lately days have lost their spark. However, today I want to share some of my photography successes.

This is the first time I used colour film on my new Canon A1 camera, recused to be free cycled by a colleague’s dad for being obsolete. I said I do obsolete and got a box full of goodies, including 2 canon cameras. I’ve used it with the cheapest film I found in amazon, which is a mistake. I don’t want to be shooting master pieces with cheap film.

Would you tell me which image you like best?


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  1. Laura says:

    pues a mi, la 1, de early October. Es muy boinita

  2. Rocío says:

    Todas tienen una luz preciosa, pero creo que me quedo con la segunda.

    1. DianaX says:

      Yo no se con cual me quedo 1 o 2? Gracias por visitar!

  3. Irene says:

    la dos es preciosa! y tu perro me fascina, parece un bocadito de chocolate 😉

  4. alrharris says:

    I like photo number 6. The expressions are very good. I too have only just started taking photos with my new to me Canon A1. I really like this camera so far. I am yet to develop my colour film but have had success with some B&W film.

    1. DianaX says:

      So it seems the people shots are better, i agree, but all girls like taking pictures of their feet. Thank you all for passing by.

  5. I like #1 the best and then #2. People make photos more interesting. The roses would be good but the shot doesn’t seem sharp enough. It may just be that the images are small so it’s hard to tell. I took a photography class in college and the instructor was a Pulitzer prize winning photographer. He told us to take LOTS of photos because in doing so, you have a better chance of getting at least one that is good. I always remembered that! So, it’s not just the correct film, or light, or camera, but also LUCK and you increase your luck by taking lots of photos of the same scene.

    1. DianaX says:

      Yes the more photos you take they higher the probability of achieving a master piece 😄
      Thanks for visiting, and for your comments

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