Analogue love

Esta entrada la escribí para una especie de concursillo. El tema era ‘por qué me gusta la fotografía analógica’


I was born in the analogue era but I embraced the arrival of digital cameras without realising that I was to get lost in the coldness of pixels and the harshness of perfection. During the 10 years I went digital I lost the enthusiam for creative images and never saw a print of my photographs. Photos existed and died in computers and then, later, in mobile phones.
One day I was looking for my next knitting project when I stumbled upon a beautiful, painfully beautiful, camera with my name on it. I had discovered Lomography. That day I ordered my fist Lomo camera and dug out my old Minolta, surprisingly, it still had some film in it, 10 years old.

I love advice from the experts but I like to do my own thing. My motto is ‘self-made is better’. I like to have a go at making superb bread, at sewing my own (not superb) clothes , and I would never go on an organised holiday. For all of the above I seem more compatible with analogue photography than digital.

And I just can’t help to love taking the picturesque route rather than the motorway, slow cooking rather than microwave dinners, long runs are better than short ones, off piste sky is best, the best beach is the most difficult to get to, and the best way to get to the real thing is through the back door, always with an analogue camera, always, everywehre.

LC Wide tudor june 14-18

With analogue the process matters just as much as the end, I think analogue photographers are travellers of this world while with digital I feel like a lost tourist.
Analogue is surprising, unexpected, amazing, timeless, playful and FUN, at the same tangible and earthy.

Analogue photography helps me capture small fragments of reality that are forever transformed into little pills of joy…

LC Wide tudor june 14-20


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  1. rhichalmers says:

    These images are gorgeous

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