The Winter of Frankie Machine

I’m hype. I finished reading the story of Frankie Machine one minute ago.

My previous books were set in the sun, this one is set in winter, in stormy San Diego, I am suffering British weather which is worse than that: boring.

Frank the bait guy is loved by everyone on the pier, but Frank used to be Frankie Machine and that is what he was, a Machine.

There are many aspects to the character of Frankie Machine. The bait guy, the surfer, the linen business man, the fish business man, the mafia guy, the tough soldier, the daddy, the husband, the friendly guy, the loyal man. The Machine Man. Frank Machianno.

I had mixed feelings towards Frank, he had a choice, he didn’t need to go in the mob but he did. He would have been a beautiful human being if he had been clean, but there wouldn’t be a story then. The plot is very complicated and I had not heard of so many Italian names in my life. In the end, you just get tired of so much gangsters and you just have to love Frank and wish him well.


Good read, quick to the point. By the way, the author is Don Winslow.



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