The Dress

Today I woke up at 8:45 and at 9:00 I was at the start line of a 5km Parkrun race. I did finish the run and felt terrile all the way, I was incredibly thirsty from the first step and finished feling sick. People said I was feeling sick because it was too hot to run, but not for me, I knew why I felt so awfull, I was just starving.
I had had no breakfast and hardly eaten anything since lunch time yesterday.
I am on a diet? No, I was sewing!
I had a day alone in the house without kids and had to finish THE DRESS.
I used the patterns from the Burdastyle Sewing Handbook like the last time.
This time I hibridized two slightly diffetent patterns to fit my fabric.

I used this bodice. You can see how well the bodice fits her!
I used this skirt to go with the top bodice

I must say I strugled. I have done the dress up twice. Losing the contrast fabric in the second version. And the result is quite messy.

I am not at all satisfied, but this is my first dress ever and I have realised now that my body is compossed of two half bodies:

above the ecuator size 38

below the ecuator size 40-42 (yes shocking)

I blame Burda for making sizes far too small.

As you can appreciate in the self pictures I took earlier, after the run and a shower, the bodice has more room than I need.

Not sure If I will ever wear this dress again, but I am so pleased to have got it out of the way now so I can concentrate on the Belladona dress pattern that I received by post 3 days ago.

Now need to tidy up the mess.

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2 Comments Add yours

  1. Irene says:

    yo creo que te ha quedado muy bien para ser tu primer vestido y que no te queda tan grande! 🙂

    1. DianaX says:

      Con unos implantes me quedaria mucho mejor 🙂

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