My Relay Marathon – Luton






Well, now it is done. And already bored of the question What race are you entering next? or What are you doing next?

The experience was quite interesting mainly because I didn’t realise so many people are able to run a Marathon. Even regular people not looking particularly feet do it, and even chubby people can do it too. As my friend told me in the car driving back, ‘it is all in the mind‘. And after having witnessed-experienced an event like that, I totally agree that it is all in the mind, but just a long as you manage to train you body to it!

As the training requires about a few months of dedication (I’ve been told), I suppose if you do a ‘one-off’ you don’t have time to radically change yourself but you can manage to push your body to be able to run 46 km. Just little by little following a routine.

I just run 14 km on Sunday, but had to train to run that distance in a month, not have run more than 8 km before. Now that I am in the double figures distance, I suppose my natural progression is to go for a 20 km run. Howver, I don’t think I will enter any races any time soon, as I don’t need anyone to tell me whether I did well or not.

As a first time at a race everything was new to me. At the gathering place prior to the race there were more hard core men and women that I have ever seen before, I felt like if I was an impostor having sneaked in by the back door. All ages were represented but it wasn’t and young people’s event. And definitely very impressed by the blokes and ladies with the 100 marathon club t-shirt on. All my respect for them and for the runner who had completed 53 marathons in 2012.

Sadly, my selection of photos is mainly burr and boring, and no one thought I may have liked to have one of me crossing the finishing line. Oh well, maybe next time.


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