La Flema Británica

El correo a continuación está en ingles (lo siento) y como me he echado una risa con él aquí os lo pongo. Ni que decir tiene que la susodicha Sam es gilipollas.


To: all staff

Subject: For the ladies in particular



I don’t know how many times I have had to, or will have to email about this.

Please, PLEASE, when you use the toilet and you flush it, can you check before you leave the cubicle that you are not leaving presents behind for the next person to find?  Really, it’s not a nice surprise.


If it is a bit stubborn, please persevere with the brush and flushing.  We can lend a bucket if extra water needs to be chucked down.  It is much easier to deal with your own excrement than someone else’s.  I am not of such a hardy constitution that it doesn’t make me gag having to deal with it, and I’d rather keep hold of the food I’m digesting.


Sorry to end the day on an unsavoury note.  Enjoy your dinners!






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