First Spring Visit to ‘My Tree’

A Sunday on my own, I put on my wobblely shoes and went for a brisk walk to see how my tree was doing. last time I saw it was december an the poor bid thing looked quite sad (like me!).
On the way thare (about 20 mins walk from where I leve) I saw 2 munjacts grazinf on the footpath. I think they must live there or it is a very polular spot for munjacts (there always one there).

On approching the Tree I heard Chiffchaffs Blakcaps and Tits, saw some crows and Wood Pigeons, heard at leat 6 different Green Woodpeckers, saw 2 Magpies, 3 Jays. I heard a Dunnock. And that all that I can remenber.

I thought I showed you wha my walk was like fefore I got to my Oak. He is actually closer to work than home.

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The oak is staring to bud, unlike the urbans than have now some little leaves. it is still lokking pretty naked and wintery.

But on a closer look I see he is waking up slowly.


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